When couples must dissolve their relationship, married or not, the most proficient way to address all issues is through mediation. If there was a marriage, divorce mediation is the most efficient process that encourages compromise and allows the parties to control the outcome of all issues instead of the court. Both parties direct what they want their future to look like.

When couples are unmarried, a mediator can help them work through any unresolved matters in the same manner, leading to full resolutions that you control. Consider mediation when you want to attain positive outcomes.

Solution Focused Timely Custody Mediation To Resolve Child Related Issues

Cost Effective Results


Due to an encumbered court system, long delays are frequent. This negatively impacts the court process, directly affecting your ability to resolve issues as quickly as you would like. Choosing to resolve child related issues through independent custody mediation is one proven way to address this concern

...and remember the results are cost effective


Quick resolution of issues saves time and moves other issues through the system. Resolution of custody issues through solution focused mediation will move you through the system more efficiently. The private mediation process increases individualized case attention, expedites report turn around time and implementation of agreed upon terms. It also provides a sense of personal accomplishment.

...and most important, the results are cost effective


Private mediation will consist of approximately three to four sessions held in a private office where the parties can discuss important issues pertaining to their case. Individualized case attention, expedited report turn around time and implementation of agreed upon terms are only a few of the benefits. The process is highly structured, objective, non therapeutic and addresses a number of problem areas. Private solution focused child custody mediation is also cost effective in many ways.

...time, results and outcome

"When parents work together children benefit. Private solution focused child custody mediation is one component of cooperative parenting. Designed to assist an already overburdened court system,it is the logical process to choose."

Parenting Coordination, Parenting Coaching, High Conflict Parenting

There are solutions for High Conflict Divorce

Parenting Coordination

This is a process that can be initiated at any stage of the divorce process, including after completion. The parenting coordinator serves to assist parents to implement their parenting plan and, when necessary, to help parents make changes. Parents receive direction to resolve conflict in a manner which will benefit their children.

Parent Coaching

Parent coaching offers support to parents when nothing seems to be working. No parent has all the answers. With the assistance of a parent coach, you can receive individualized direction to address your immediate parenting challenge.

High Conflict Parenting

Based on the Cooperative Parenting and Divorce model, attendance is essential if you are engaged in a contentious co-parenting situation. Under the best circumstances, both parents attend at least three of the six sessions. Regardless, however, the goal is that you develop skills that will both enable you to minimize your co-parenting stress and become a more effective co-parent.

"When parents and step-parents all work together with similar goals as it relates to the children entrusted to their care, children can thrive. The high conflict behaviors of divorcing parents creates stress for both the adults and children involved."