If you have made it to this page my hope is that you realize there is more than one way to rise above your current situation. Coaching may just be the answer for you. I started doing this because I observed the struggle people experience when they find themselves handling uncoupling issues through an emotional state.

To attorneys… divorce coaching assists you in being able to identify client concerns more clearly as they will be able to focus on what you can actually do for them.

To clients… divorce coaching helps you to focus your thoughts more concisely to the issues that can be resolved through the help of your attorney and the court without looking to these entities to manage your heightened emotions.

Coaching is a whole person approach to overcoming identified obstacles to achieving life goals. The function of the coach is to work alongside the client with a focus to move forward in an area of concern.

Coaching IS NOT therapy.

The relationship between coach and client greatly differs from the therapeutic relationship. Coaching is results focused and strategy intensive. While the past exists and is immovable, the future renders itself to become an entirely different outcome.

The focus of coaching services are as follows:

Life Coaching

Assistance when direction is unclear and clarification is sought. This is a broad area and, depending on your needs, can be a way for you to achieve goals in a more directed manner.

Divorce Coaching

Maneuvering through the divorce process with a divorce coach minimizes the expected stress as you work towards realistic goals. Divorce coaching also covers assistance in the areas of child custody, parenting, property division and court preparation. But it does not stop there. As life continues after a divorce, you can benefit from a coach to maneuver through grand-parenting issues and any other situation that leaves you stuck.

Going it alone, or even with well meaning peers, can often result in suggestions fueled by emotions that may not adequately provide the best approach. When divorce happens, how you handle yourself and the process have a direct impact on results. A coach will work with you to achieve the best results possible while assisting you in this transitional time.

Let me stand beside you in this process.

The client/coaching relationship is subject to a model of positive interactions that are not limited to short duration. Contact is not regimented and can freely consist of speaking in person, on the phone and through the internet.

If you are interested in creating a new future you are in the right place.

Partnering with a coach will give you the support to grow and achieve success which will improve your life experience.

It is possible to meet for coaching regardless of your location through a variety of remote methods such as Skype, phone, email, Facetime, etc.

Dr. Gretchen Slover is a certified life, divorce and relationship coach. She has a number of years experience with high conflict relationships. Contact her by clicking here or by phone at (760) 716-5576.