The Virus Of Fear

Fear is contagious. If you are not properly equipped for when the check engine light comes on it can be debilitating. We have all received more emails and communications then we can imagine about the COVID-19 virus so this is not meant to add to that forum. Instead, it is hoped that by equipping you with some emotionally intelligent views on addressing fear, your children will be better equipped to handle whatever challenges life brings them.

Consider the following five points are a part of the buffet – they will only be useful if you scoop them onto your plate.

  1. Identify if you are a first responder or a first reactor. First reactors approach things with a negative outlook, which leads to panic and an inability to develop a sound method of addressing difficult situations. First responders approach problems and situations with their emotions intact, which helps them gain a clear picture of the circumstances and leads them to consider the most advantageous method of problem solving.
  2. Understand that fear is a brain function. When we respond with fear, our brains activate defense mechanisms, which actually cloud our ability to make thoughtful decisions.
  3. Fearful parents model fear as a worldview. Children of fearful, anxious parents many times develop anxiety as a result. Take time to understand when and how fear became on option for you.
  4. Fear fuels anger and all of the related negative consequences.
  5. When we are fearful, the circumstances control us.

In the face of unusual and challenging circumstances, leaders reject fear and move forward with clear minds, which produces calm. Parent leaders effectively model how to handle situations instead of allowing situations to handle them.

It is time for the parent leaders in each family to emerge and produce a realistic outlook for their children that is rooted in responding to the daily challenges life presents.