More From Africa

The dust has settled after my trip to Africa and I find myself wholly involved in my routine. And then I remembered an Africa related topic I planned to write about which is the subject of this offering.

The medical students were tasked to write about solutions for problems of domestic violence in groups which consisted of about ten peers. When I read what I will be posting below, I recall the emotion that it stirred in me. The men in this group made a pledge to the women they will marry as follows:

“Domestic violence should be discouraged at all costs. It brings with it unwanted adverse effects on the entire family and community at large. It’s not God’s desire that we have such. As group 2 men, we promise to love and cherish our wives – to be upholding them in high esteem, letting them know that we shall always love them as God has commanded us to do so. Women, please know that you are special and as Christ loves his church, so shall we as men, love you to the fullest!”

Domestic violence is not an isolated problem. Every society has to deal with it and it sometimes becomes entangled in customs and practices within cultures. It is wrong. I had the pleasure of interacting with men and women in Africa who are willing to use their awareness to work towards solutions that start with themselves.