May 31, 2017 .... Last Day

Today is my last day in Zambia. I started off with some tearful goodbyes to team members who are moving on. Two are making their way to Livingston today for some adventures and the rest are going into the rural villages where they will be experiencing a minimalist existence (like camping) while teaching.

This morning I teach at the University Teaching Hospital for the last time to 6th year medical students who are doing their psychiatry rotation and the rest of the day I get to listen to Dr. Byler teach on psychopharmacology. Our flight leaves at 930 this evening so if any of you are prayer warriors, please keep us in your prayers for everything flight related.

I must say it will take a while to fully recognize all that has occurred on this adventure and the growth for me as a clinician and a person. The students took the time to give us heartfelt cards, Zambia flag pins and individually crafted bracelets. The leaders in the group were readily identifiable and our hugs goodbye were warm and meaningful.

I have been able to not only identify but also started working on a research project focused on the need for the medical students to have counseling available to them. The ethics committee on ground here has provided me with all of the paperwork to complete and turn in so there will be some busy days ahead.

The Zambia team is playing in a World Cup tournament and there is much passion for the team – such cheers altogether.

I am surely grateful for this trip and hope that others will be inspired to join me in the future!