March 13, 2019 - Zambia

Well, the students showed up – we have about 110 completed questionnaires and it looks like we may have identified a need at the medical school. God’s hand has been in this the entire way.

We delivered the sterile surgical gloves to the obstetrics department in the teaching hospital and were greeted with enthusiasm and appreciation. The pictures below of Myself and Kelsie with the nurses and the red bag show their joy. Thanks to my sister’s donation, I was able to leave over 600 gloves to help with deliveries.

Tomorrow we meet to discuss lecture opportunities in the future that will give under graduate and graduate students a chance to share their knowledge while experiencing the Zambian culture.

This entire trip was first born out of the years of foundational work by the late Dr. Cheryl Snyder and is truly dedicated to her. During our visit here in 2017 she prayerfully told me that I would be returning in this capacity. I continue to learn from her example of trusting wholly in God for direction.

Dr. Slover and Zambia Nurses
Kelsie and Zambia Nurses