March 12, 2019 - Zambia

Today was a holiday celebrating youth, so nothing much was happening. Went to Mother Teresa’s to deposit the bag of yarn. The sister in charge took the bag and explained that in order to avoid any arguing among the widows, they would give it to them in an organized manner. The children were all resting which was a disappointment but understandable. I am confident that the widows will be blessed.

Before I left I believed I had made all of the copies I needed, however, it seems I cannot count and was short about 50 copies. Well, in Zambia, the process of making copies has been known to be challenging at times. We were blessed, again, that the clerk at the compound where we are staying agreed to make them for us.

We received confirmation that the fourth year medical students will be ready tomorrow at 11 am to participate. This is more then my mind expected but not more than my God is capable of orchestrating. I even received info from a fifth year student who offered to gather her cohort to participate if needed.

We will also be returning to the Psychology Department at the hospital to meet with the appropriate people to identify any teaching opportunities in the future. Please pray for the success of the day, and that we remain healthy and rested.